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September 5, 2016

10 biotech start ups making waves in silicon valley

Within the  two-square-mile patch of South San Francisco bustles with over 70 biotech firms, including Genentech, Amgen and Exelixis, an equally influential geography has grown along the Lemanic Arc of Switzerland and into the heart of Basel, where pharma giants like Novartis, Actelion and Roche (which acquired Genentech in 2009) have their headquarters. 
The biggest biotech start up with over $9 billion valuation is undoubtedly Theranos.  Its breakthrough advancements have made it possible to quickly process the full range of  240 tests lab tests from a few drops of blood. However some of the newer wave of biotech start ups are pushing the limts of science, take for example Twist Bioscience which is developing data storage for synthetic DNA . Another new kid on the block which has caught investors eye is Koniku . The start up is specializing in neuro-computing by building co-processors made of biological neurons that work alongside traditional silicon processors.

Last year was the biggest ever for venture capital funding into the biotech sector with over $7.4bn invested, according to a report from MoneyTree, The most popular food tech startup,  is Hampton Creek, which is trying to reinvent mayonnaise, has reportedly stretched the truth of their science by  creating food by eliminating animal products.One of the things they are trying to do is to replace eggs with by growing plants in a lab has already raised $120million