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September 9, 2016

Chinese first ever online wine festival set to rake in record eCommerce revenues

China is celebrating its biggest online food festival today "Its first ever online wine festival." With more that 100,000 wine and spirits offered across chinese online food ordering websites including ecomerce websites. Chinese ecommerce sites are hoping  a repeat of  world singles day which saw world record ecommerce revenues. The founder behind the event,Alibaba is expecting 100 million of its over 400 million-plus active buyers to take part in what has been dubbed as China’s first online wine festival.According to reports by Decanter China . The official Chinese term for the event is “Jiu Shui” which translates into “alcohol festival,” but wine traders are calling it “Wine Day” in China since the majority of the offerings is wine. Alibaba expects around

In June 2016, Alibaba announced the launch of Wine Direct, a division within Tmall where chateaux and producers will be able to sell directly to consumers in China. And just a week ago, Wine Australia launched a wine store on Tmall selling Australian wine direct to consumers.