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September 10, 2016

iPhone 7 cost by country breakdown

" The iphone 7 costs around the world"

European countries citizens have to shell out the highest cost among all the countries when it comes to buying the iPhone 7 . Citizens of Hungary, Italy and Norway have to pay the highest amount in Europe to buy the latest iPhone 7 . Apple's latest iPhone will cost  256,058.64 Ft (£700) in Hungary, followed by Italy and Norway. European nations will have to pay almost 100 pounds more than the equivalent costs of the price of iPhone in the United States .
In the US, the same 32GB model starts at $649 (£487.75) and in Canada at $899 (£521.75).However taxation plays another big part in deciding the MRP to consumers
Apple's iPhone 7 prices for the UK and other nations in Europe includes  sales tax, but prices in the US and Canada don't include it due to state-by-state variations. In New York, for example the iphone 7 attracts a 8% sales tax  which makes the cost of iPhone  7 over $700 in NY. However in other states there is no sales tax.The iPhone 7 in  Germany costs Euro 583 , while costing Euro 699 in France. In Russia  Apple's latest piece of gizmo costs above 60,000 roubles in Russia . In Hong Kong consumers have to shell out  5,500 Hong Kong dollar to get the  iPhone 7. For Ireland and  Spanish consumers  their  iPhone 7 will come at a price of  Euro 650.
"iPhone 7 costs of smartphone in Europe"

However New Zealand and Australia will pay a similar price  of around  900 Aus and NewZ dollars . Japanese users have to shell out over 60,000 yen  to get their hand on their iPhone 7 The iPhone 7  would cost Rs 54,000 in India .