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October 25, 2016

apple revenues declines,as it posts 3rd straight quarter of losses across china and us market

Apple Q4 Results Disappoints as it falls 2% with 3rd straight quarter of year-on-year revenue declines.Since releasing the iPhone 7 in September,2016 Apple share price has seen a 10%,rise posting its best performance in 2016 so far. But as Apples Q4, results came in, It showed Wall street that its optimism  was not founded on strong fundamentals and on how the iPhone 7 was selling.Apple beat analyst estimates of earnings per share ($1.67 vs. $1.66) and iPhone units sold (45.5 million vs. 45 million) but not revenue ($46.9 billion vs. $47 billion).World's thinnest Mac book pro launched today

 But across the board all numbers were down from the fourth quarter a year ago.Compared with a year ago, Apple revenues are up in Europe and Japan, while down in China and the Americas. China especially should be a worry for Apple. Sales there declined by 30% year over year. iPhone, iPad, and Mac unit sales all fell from last year, with “services” like the App Store, Apple Music, and Apple Pay the only product segment going up.