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October 21, 2016

average cost of smartphones across regions : developing vs developed

"Cost of smartphone handset as a percentage  of Gross National Income compared  by developing vs developed nations"

Cost of smartphone handset as a percentage  of Gross National Income compared  by developing vs developed nations

The cost of mobile handsets over the years show a  perfect  illustration of demand supply economics in action.Global smartphones cost have come down dramatically over the years.The global average selling price of smartphones reached the highest in the year 2011 when the smartphone growth was at its highest. At that time mobile  devices were sold for an average of 348.6 USD. 
Since then, the average selling price of smartphones has constantly declined, going from 332.5USD .  2012 to 276 USD  in 2015. By 2019, the cost of an average smartphone is forecast to drop to $214
North America has the highest average selling price for smartphones.North American customers paid $531 for a smartphone in 2013. By 2017, the average selling price for smartphones in this region is forecast to increase to $567. Asia Pacific, on the other hand, has the most affordable average selling price $262. dollars in 2013, forecast to decrease to $215 by 2017.

Currently Smartphones in the mid-range price  that is, with a retail price between 150 USD dollars and 550 USD  accounted for 40% of all smartphone shipments across the world.According to statista the mid price range will increase to about 48% of total smartphone shipments by 2019