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October 14, 2016

google confirms sites hit by google penguin 4 years ago are recovering

Those webmasters who had been hit by Google Penguin can now rejoice. A recent Moz posts " shows that sites which had been hit by Google Penguin " is showing increased traffic from Google after a long two-year wait. Post the  latest Penguin update rolled out in late September and into early October 2016. This roll-out is unusual in many ways, and it only now seems to be settling down. In the past couple of weeks, we've seen many reports of recoveries from previous Penguin demotions.On October 7th, Gary Illyes from Google said that the Penguin roll-out was in the "final stage" (presumably, the removal of demotions) and would take a "few more days". As of this writing, it's been five more days.
Google representatives are confirming details about the new Penguin both publicly and privately, and algorithm flux matches the general timeline. Perhaps more importantly, we're seeing many anecdotal reports of Penguin recoveries shown in the image above

Also websites  that track websites hit by Google Penguin have reported that " the kind of hit websites had taken after Penguin Update is slowly showing signs of recovering.