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November 1, 2016

asian nations now form 56% smartphone user base and 74% android users

Across South East Asian Markets Android is a clear leader, as typically these markets have  traditionally been a market with among the lowest smartphone prices, Android's open source software makes it easier for local international OEM's to enter the market and offer lost cost smartphone to a market that is fairly price sensitive. While markets like japan, China have seen a fairly even balance between Android and IoS
"global smartphone user growth: Asia vs rest of the world"

Asia Smartphone user base has grown 56% in the last 3 years from 34% in 2008 to 52% in 2015
"asia android OS user base:"

 In Asia South Korea with 88% smartphone penetration ranks among  the biggest Asia nation , followed by Singapore ( 73%), Malaysia,( 65% ) and Hong Kong ranks among the biggest smartphone markets ( Pew research 2015 data)

Meanwhile global smartphone sales have been slipping. Smartphone sales have been stagnating ( 21% YoY ( 2015-2016) as compared to 31% YoY( 2014-2015) according to  latest data from Kleiner Perkins. iOS has seen its OS share slip from over 60% in 2010 to less than 10% in  2015. While Android OS has seen its share rise from  10% to 75% in the last 5 years.