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November 4, 2016

honda and ford are among the top 3 most stolen cars

"honda and ford are among the top 3 most stolen cars"

It seems that Honda cars are most in demand when it comes to card theft. A recent chart by statista shows Honda  Accord and  Civic in that order are their favorites.Ford Toyota and Chevrolet and Toyota takes the  3rd ,4th and 5th position.
According to the the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), 707,758 cars were stolen across the U.S. last year with 52,244 of them various models of the Honda Accord. Even though the figures may seem grim, especially for Honda owners, auto theft is generally on a downward spiral. The majoriy of Hondas stolen last year were older models that were not equipped with new security features like engine immobilizers and computer chip coded keys.