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November 2, 2016

retail industry cost per click stabilizes at $1.3, with CTR increasing to 3.46%

"retail industry paid search report"

According to the latest Kantar media 2016  paid search data for the retail industry, 134,000 retail advertisers competed for approx 16 billion ad impressions and 625 million clicks with a ctr of 3.46%.Retail advertisers spent over $820 million in Q2,as compared to $881 million in Q1,2016

The 2016 paid search report by Kantar Media  for retail industry  saw  134,000 retail advertisers spending over $820 million on search ads. In Q2,2016 online retail advertisers targeted  their paid search ads  across 15.5 billion impressions.The chart reflects clickthroughs  and  paid clicks and how they have changed over the last 12 months.

Kantar's AdGooroo's Paid Search Advertising Index report, tracks and measures quarter over quarter activity for 6 key metrics--ad spend, impressions, clicks, CTR ,cost per click and number of advertisers--in 14 different industry including Retail, Jewelry, consumer electronics,home , Flowers and Gifts .The above category shows " the state of paid advertising across  the Retail  industry 

On average, retailers paid more for site visitors originating from paid search in the second quarter, as the average cost per click increased by 7% from Q1 to Q2. However, the total number of clicks and impressions both decreased quarter over quarter, as did total spend, which dropped by 7%, from $881 million in Q1 to $820 million in Q2. The average clickthrough rate remained steady while total number of advertisers dropped by 11%.