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November 1, 2016

state of the market for digital voice assistants: siri vs amazon vs google vs cortana

" primary reason of using a digital voice assistant"

Top 5 Reasons why Consumers Continue to Use Digital Voice Assistants

"personal digital assistants playoff: siri vs cortana vs amazon echo vs Ai"

Digital voice assistants seem to have finally come of age. The major tech companies along with consumer electronic brands are putting these digital assistants, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms and activated by voice, into multiple products. It's a strategic thrust to enmesh you further in their ecosystems, deepening and potentially adding sources of revenue. With Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana,( offered as a part of desktop windows 10 and its  windows mobile). Apart from that the big player is Google which has started offering  Google Voice, Amazon Echo known as  Amazon Alexa service. 

Among other recent  digital assistant service was  Assistant by and now with the recent launch of Siri and its AI-driven virtual assistant called Viv it would be interesting to see how this " digital assistant space spacing up.The biggest reason of why the major tech companies are putting these digital assistants, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms  is the fact that they have realized that  typically consumer devices and their life cycle have shortened drastically and they cannot hope to extend the  product life cycles of traditional devices, as rapid strides in technology will have made them defunct in a very short time.

The new strategy is to  launch products in lightening speed,shore up the ecosystem, develop cross channels and  sell them in a double quick time . It's a strategic thrust  to extend their ecosystems and channel partners thereby deepening the product breadth and potentially adding sources of revenue. Companies are beginning to understand that " prices of smartphone " will have hit rock bottom and beyond a certain point unless they come up with these kind of " digital assistant devices" and other connected devices to automate human machine interaction it would be difficult for traditional hardware companies to make money.They need to reinvent human machine interaction.

Apple's Siri, most known as the voice on the iPhone, already makes its presence felt on the latest Apple TV box, on the Apple Watch and inside the vehicle you drive, via CarPlay. Google's voice is heard across the Android and Google Now spectrum, and when you're at the wheel using Android Auto. Microsoft's Cortana has moved beyond Windows Phones onto rival smartphones, Windows 10 PCs and tablets, and cars.