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November 22, 2016

why fake news can never be solved by google and its search spiders

" why google search spiders wont be able to solve fake news"
Example of fake news, when a little known website  was ranking in first results for the term final votes which had fake information showing Trumps winning both popular and electoral college votes

Fake news might continue to play  havoc with our " online ecosystem" and there is little search engines can do to weed out fake stories and information that are untrue.The fundamental problem seems to be that no matter how smart or potent Google or its search algorithm can  turn out to be, it cannot vet a story or a news report is authentic or incorrect. Google search spiders  can still be very dumb on complex and nuanced topics. It can also be misled by those who accidentally or deliberately post material that seems to be factual in nature but is not. 

While Google  treats unique content as a major factor in ensuring ranking, it has no way to determine if that content is true or based on facts" Human Vetting and not "google algorithms"remains the only possible solution to tackle this growing menace of fake news.Post US elections,while  debate rages across the world  on the  role played by fake news,this is just the start and perhaps a wake up call to  "Search and Social Media Websites" to start taking action. 

Governments across the world, along with army of  social media bloggers can start causing a lot of upheaval and chaos if unfiltered news continues to "grow unchecked" Google continues to show fake news in many queries. For example Google especially came under fire after it listed a site with incorrect “final” US presidential election counts as the top listing for searches such as “final votes” or “final election count.” Here’s an example of that, spotted by Kara Eccelston, on November 13: "The snapshot of the page is shown below 
"fake news causing alarm across the world"

The problem Google has a real challenge in automatically assessing whether something is actually true or not. mean, even US President-Elect Donald Trump has admitted that US President Barack Obama was born in the United States, yet the first listing in Google for a search on “Obama born in kenya” is a YouTube-hosted video saying Obama “admits” he was born in Kenya: