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December 19, 2016

10 advertising slogans to test your marketing and branding knowledge


The most famous advertising slogans to test your branding intelligence

  1. Which global entertainment company has the slogan : The Happiest Place on Earth.
  2.  Lifes Messy; Clean it Up .Which brand's advertising slogan are we talking about
  3. Which famous brand has the tagline "Leave the Driving to us" 
  4. Which MNC beverage and snack company advertises with the slogan" Betcha cant eat just one"
  5.  Which famous insurance brand uses the slogan" We Know Money" 
  6. "Behold the Power of Cheese" is a advertising slogan used by which Brand
  7.  This iconic agency created the famous Avis advertisement" We are number 2, we Try Harder "which was defined among the top 100 advertising slogans of the 20th century. 
  8. Which Famous cold drink company advertises itself with " The Choice of the New Generation:
  9. "High Performance Delivered" is the advertising slogan of a well  IT giant which was formed by the coming together of two big IT giants
  10. Which credit card company became a household brand name with credit cards when it started using the advertising slogan" Dont Leave Without it"
Check your Answers to the Quiz Questions below

1)Magic Kingdom" was often used as an unofficial nickname for Disneyland before Walt Disney World was built. The official tagline for Disneyland is "The Happiest Place On Earth"

2)Bissell Homecare is the brand associated with the slogan. Its a  vacuum cleaner and floor care product manufacturing  brand. Bissell  is the  no 1 manufacturer of floor care products in North America in terms of sales, with 20% marketshare.

3)Greyhound has the slogan"Leave the driving to us"

4)Betcha cant eat is a slogan by Lays is the .
 popular brand owned by Pepsi since 1965.Shortly after Lays introduced its best-known slogan ,its sales of the chips became international, with marketing assisted by a number of celebrity endorsers for Pepsi and Lays.

5)AIG uses the slogan" We know Money"

6)Behold the power of cheese is a advertising slogan by "America Dairy Association and Dairy Council"
7)The Avis slogan was created by Doyle Dane Bernbach in 1962 who decided to embrace Avis’ second-place status as a sneaky way to tout the brand’s customer service. “When you’re only No. 2, you try harder,” went the new tagline.Paula Green was the copywriter along with Helmut Krone was the art director at that time

8)The brand we are talking about is Pepsi

9)Accenture's tag line is High Performance Delivered.Accenture was formed by the coming together to two giants Arthur Anderson and Anderson consulting .On 1 January 2001 Andersen Consulting adopted its current name, "Accenture". The word "Accenture" is supposedly derived from "Accent on the future". The name "Accenture" was submitted by Kim Petersen, a Danish employee from the company's Oslo, Norway office, as a result of an internal competition.

10)American Express