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December 28, 2016

audi becomes the first car company to integrate predictive traffic monitoring

"audi becomes  the first car company to integrate predictive traffic monitoring "

Audi becomes the first auto company to launches first Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technology as it launches its Traffic Predictive Technology in Las Vegas and nevada

In what could profoundly impact the way you drive and in what is the first instance of vehicle-to-infrastructure technology in production cars ,Audi recently became the first automaker to offer Traffic Light Information as a fully integrated feature available on selected new vehicles including Audi A4, Q7, and A4 Allroad models. Other automakers (notably BMW) work with smartphone apps that provide similar information, but Audi’s solution does not depend on a paired phone running an app. It’s native to the car’s driver information system.Light Information, an Audi connect PRIME feature, enables the car to communicate with the infrastructure in select cities and metropolitan areas across the U.S.

This is how it works. "The municipality where you’re driving shares its data with Audi, and Audi broadcasts the information to your car, where the data is compared with your car’s GPS data to determine which light you’re approaching. Then the car puts an icon and a counter up on the gauge pod driver information display, and into the head-up display projected onto the driver’s side of the windshield. The information displayed is simple: it shows a picture of a stoplight in its current state, red or green, plus a counter giving the system’s best prediction of when the light is likely to change." 

The  new feature, called Traffic Light Information (TLI), will be available in select 2017 Audi A4, Q7 and all-road models that were made after June 1, 2016 and equipped with an Audi connect Prime subscription. This  feature  will be launching in January,2017 beginning with Las Vegas and Nevada.
Nevada issued autonomous vehicle licenses for Audi to drive from California to Las Vegas three years ago in 2013  and now Las Vegas becomes the first city to go live with V2I integration. 

Audi is said to be working on continued expansion to additional cities across the U.S. is ongoing as we work with municipalities to prepare their infrastructure for V2I connectivity.( vehicle-to-infrastructure technology ) Audi has partnered with Traffic Technology Services (TTS) to facilitate the transfer of traffic light data to Audi vehicles. The car receives real-time signal information from the advanced traffic management system that monitors traffic lights via the on-board 4G LTE data connection.

The "time to green" feature might just be the beginning of something that will change the way you drive .Eventually, it may be possible to take information from advanced traffic management systems and integrate them into other functions in the vehicles such as improving a route, stopping and starting the vehicle to save on fuel, and predictive services that can recommend a speed maximize the number of green lights one can make in sequence.