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December 7, 2016

marc benioff of salesforce is the most active venture capital investors of 2016

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has been among the most active Venture Capital  investor of 2015 Salesforce spent $144.4 million in strategic investments, and a total of $366.5 million in all of 2015.In 2016 Marc benioff has invested across  12 deals according to crunchbase. Mark Benioff has invested across these following business and start ups

$1.9million seed fund on Remedy,September 2016
$4milllion seed fund investment  on Bloomlife  on August 2016. 
A $13.9million investment ( series A ) on Brancast on July 2016 
Undisclosed investment on Forward
$12 million Investment on Zebra Medical Vision Ltd as Venture funding
$2.8million seed funding on Lattice  as on May 2016 
$9.2million investment on Nearpod as series A funding as on May 2016 
$2million investment on Taranis as a  seed funding
$7 million investment on Roofstock  as series A funding as on March 2016
$10.25 million investment on  IfOnly  as series B 
$8 million investment series A on Birdseye as on March 2016
$11million investment on Winz inc as series B funding as on March 2016