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December 16, 2016

on what product did amazon received its highest number of patents

"Amazon list of patent application it is currently working on"

AMAZON PATENT GRANTS showed a consistent rise from 2009 onwards  as its patent activity has rocketed as it pushes beyond core ecommerce into cloud services, hardware, B&M retail, and so on. Amazon’s annual patent applications more than quadrupled from 2009 to 2013.

In November 2016, Amazon received  patents for  41 products, among which were 1)Wearable Device Tracker 2)Music playlists for geographical regions.3)Dynamic reconstruction of application state upon application re-launch.4)Device-stylus haptic communication system.and 5)Generating robotic grasping instructions for inventory items.Techniques for mobile device charging using robotic devices.
As the chart from CBinsights shows Amazon’s top patents grants shows a shift to represent a change of its focus from core e-commerce competencies like product recommendation to developing its Kindle line and other consumer devices (red) as well as delivery drones (orange). As AWS has risen in prominence, the frequency of cybersecurity keywords has also spiked (light blue).Amazon is known for its drive to maximize efficiencyvin its warehouses and fulfillment centers, often leveraging automation (e.g. with its acquisition of Kiva Systems). 

For automating Amazon's shipping process,the company has applied for a number of robotic packaging and inventory management systems.The company also applied for a patent describing the identification and tracking of user-picked items from a “materials handling facility.”.Interpreted in the context of Amazon Go, this research could be used to track each shopper’s shopping cart in an automated store