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December 22, 2016

The biggest tech company IPO to be debuted in 2017 :

The list below features the biggest technology company IPO's which are likely to be debuted in 2017.However these list of companies are shown as provided by CBI Insights.As always, it is important to remember that this is just a tentative list.That not all (and perhaps few) of these 369 companies will debut their IPO next year in 2017. 

Many have just crossed the $100M valuation threshold and many all already an Unicorn. Others continue to tap into creative sources of capital in the private markets. And some will get out-executed and may never see a liquidity event. 2016 did not turn out to see a flurry of tech IPOs as companies continue to access funding privately. But as companies in the pipeline continue to mature, increasing calls by investors for companies to go public, and a slowing down of deep pocketed investors like mutual funds and hedge funds financing late-stage startups, the drumbeat for a busier 2017 is getting louder.

Internet companies makes up 73% of the 2017 Tech IPO Pipeline, up from 64% last year. Mobile & Telecom comes in a distant second with 39 companies.Computer hardware and electronics companies combined to make up nearly 6% of 2017 pipeline companies .Within the Internet sector, BI, analytics, and performance management maintains the highest number of pipeline companies for the 3rd consecutive year. Cybersecurity ranked second among represented companies in the pipeline, up from fifth last year