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January 19, 2017

internet of things is set to herald the Renaissance of industrial revolution2.0

Internet of things is set to take off spectacular in a big in in 2017 as Industries as diverse as manufacturing, automotive,industrial, home electronics,Oil and Gas,Insurance including hardware and software have already started thinking to integrating iOT in their business operations. 

Around 35% of manufacturers already use smart sensors, 10% plan to implement them within a year, and 8% plan to implement them within 3 years, according to PwC report

Further PWC report  predicts and forecasts that around 5.4 million IoT devices will be used on oil extraction sites by 2020. The devices will primarily be internet connected sensors used to provide environmental metrics about extraction sites. Auto Industry has been among the most "innovative users of " connected things across the car industry.Connected cars are a top IoT device. The report projects that over 220 million connected cars would be driving around the world by 2020. 

Military and defense would be another biggest users of iOT as spending on drones will reach $8.7 billion in 2020. In addition, 126,000 military robots will be shipped in 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan. 

During the world war 2 during that pitched battle between Allied merchant ships and German U-boats, information was the key to victory. Codebreaking and aircraft from escort carriers were the sensors, feeding information into centralized command centers, where decision makers on both sides routed submarine “wolf packs” or re-routed convoys of merchantmen. Victory went to those groups that could generate and analyze more information in a timely manner and, then, adjust not just their tactical posture but their logistical supply lines, intelligence groups, and support  facilities.Internet of things will play a big role in ensuring that timely information and data are present to the military which would be able to determine  adequate and appropriate responses