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March 8, 2017

5 steps of optimizing for product search results on google and bing

Optimizing for  product search across Google and Bing  :For products and shopping sites who own products, a top ranking in google product based business is essential to their ranking and therefore revenue.This is because the top 3 google product search results most often than not make it to the main google search listings. Here are the 5 steps of optimizing your product for google product searches 

• The first step for optimizing products searches are putting together feeds for your products and submit them to Google Merchant center. Here you can upload products in bulk and learn the specifics of formatting the feed. to be included in google product center you need to upload true physical and tangible products.

• In your feed populate as many fields as possible with (data,) Brand, category, color,Price ,condition, warranties and more .These additional fields will help google Product search match up to your potential customers search fields. 

• Ensure you update your feed as much as possible. Some major eretail sites update their feeds on a daily basis. Your feed needs to be authentic and accurate as possible and should be able to edit multiple times a day if it’s required. 

Always include the product photo across listings. If you don’t have a photo, no product will be seen. Here are some tips for product images.Google converts 90 x 90 pixels into display thumbnails Therefore it makes decision to use a square picture to take advantage of the space. Higher contrast picture make for a better view and are easier to read in an thumbnail 

Change your feed whenever product is added, existing products undergo changes or new products are announced. If your product is out of stock, ensure you quickly remove them from your online inventory and replace it will”limited stocks” or currently “stocks not available.” 

• Use description and titles they normal way you would use for any: search keyword you are targeting.Use proper metatags and make sure the description matches up to the product category. Use long tail keywords for your products as there are a hundred ways of “ how your consumer would typically use it to find and search that particular product or the phrase.One of the smart ways is going through amazon feature of users also bought, / users who purchased this also brought .. This would give you an idea of the product category and the vertical which the user is interested in searching for 

• Try to use phrases and match keywords based on the higher search volumes and high chance for conversion. Keep on mapping your products to your competitors and see which phrases are associated with the particular product. You can use google inventory keyword tool for this

• Go to the larger eCommerce sites which lists thousands of products and where hand researching is not possible pick out unique attributes of that product which users may type while they are searching the products 

Seller and Product ratings are important and they play a very big role in google product rankings .Manage your Seller ratings across contributor sources like Shopzilla,Dealtime, NextTag,PriceGrabbber, ResellerRatings. You can also get your products rated at Epininions 

Some other factors which impact ranking across product searches are a) The perceived authority of the domain b) The website rankings for keywords in web search’ c) If the products are deemed adult.. Some of your products might get filtered out due to safe search d)Users specifying Google Checkout item daily e)The number of uses who have added your google product items to their individual shopping lists within the product search or placed them on their shared wishlist.The google merchant center does accept other types of items also like flights, hotels, car rentals , travel packages and real estate but these items will not get into product searches.