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March 16, 2017

fake news vs alternate reality : most credible news networks

" fake news vs alternate reality :ranking the top 10 news organizations in the US "

A recent data from Graphiq compares and ranks  the most credible news organizations ranking them from most authentic to least authentic.The credibility of news organizations in US has taken a big beating post US Presidential elections in 2016.,where Hillary Clinton was widely tipped by mainstream news organization to come America's next President.However post the elections Fake news or Alternate News ( a term coined) by Trumps trusted aide , Kellayane Conaway as well as the President himself  has been one of the  most debated topics post the Donald Trump Presidency.

Meanwhile its also a fact that mainstream media has hit its lowest point in terms of the   credibility and authenticity and general trust among users in current times.A recent poll conducted by Morning Consult’s  gives a picture of how credible news organizations of today when it comes to political coverage.Morning Consult's  polling and data science division produces in-depth market research and public opinion data on everything from political campaigns to Fortune 500 companies. The data shows ABC,CBS and NBC are the most credible news networks across America with a believability score of 67%,65% and 65% respectively.CNN, Fox News . MSNBC,HuffinftonPost  rank in the middle range, while right wing websites like Breitbart and Infowars are considered least credible.