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March 28, 2017

three things you need to do to secure your wi-fi network


If you are worried that one of your neighbors has figured out your password of WiFi and has been using your WiFi network, Its time you take precautions to keep unwanted intruders out of your network The WiFi settings of your network can be managed using your WiFi router . The first step is to find out the IP address of your Wi-Fi Router so that you can connect and manage your wifi security.For this you can go to Msdos and type "ipconfig" command and from there you can note down the ip address mentioned against the default gateway of your Wi-Fi network which is the IP address of your Wifi Router . You will on login in will be asked to enter and username and password to log into the router settings page . You can get the details of the login from your internet provider or your WiFi manufacturer . On most routers default user Names should work. For example try using admin as a user name or admin or password as password.The first thing you need to do is to enable encryption on your Wifi network . This will ensure that anybody trying to connect to your network will be required to enter the login password without which they will not be allowed even to connect to the network,.Morever once you enable encryption all data exchanged o the network will be encrypted and secure. There are 3 kinds of encryption levels 1) WEP 2)WPA 3) and WPA2 security. It is recommended that you use WPA2 SECURITY in your network ( the highest secvurity level ) network with a strong password. Also you should change the SSid( or name of your wifi network to something generic which will make it tough for a malicious user to identify which network belongs to you.) Now open your browser and type the Ip address of your Wifirouter . You should also disable remote acesss and and management of your wifi security settings so that no usercan make any changes remotely