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April 22, 2017

Optimizing through image sharing websites and search ranking impact

Among all image sharing websites Flickr remains one of the biggest social image sharing websites in terms of search engine optimization potential. No other image sharing site has the same level of domain authority,crawlability,keyword focusing and cross refrencing potential as Flick.However though flick allows you to link your site, these links will be no follow. The main benefit to be gained by optimizing on flickr is that well optimized page can rank well in search engines specially for image searches and provide you with most than one listing on those terms in search results 

 In other words you can have your main website rank and get up one or two potential spots in main search results and then use flick to compete for the third or fourth spot on search engines . This is prime real estate and well worth chasing it.

.In some circumstances the Flick result might might outrank your main site How to optimize images When you upload photos always use tags,.The tags or keywords you associate with the image will ensure that users can find it when they are searching for related keywords which will lend keyword weight to your image. Enter as many tags as possible to describe your photo. Make sure you multikeyword tags within quotation marks. The Flick user tag folksonomy generates a good link navigation system for both users and search engines Create a descriptive title for the images.This also adds more keyword weight to the photos page on Flickr Enter the description under a photo, or write something about the picture.

 Consider adding a note or two directly on the photo particularly if its humorous. Flickr allows you to select a rectangle area and associate some text with it that will appear as a tool tip when users mouse over it. Adding a humorous note may encourage users to participate on your photo page and greater will be the level of stickiness of the page , an a better quality score it might attain.

If the photo is location specific ,geotap the picture Create thematic sets for your photo and add each picture to the sets appropriate to it. This provides more contextual clues for search engines regarding the content of the page and will allow user arriving at a page a way to easily look and search similar pictures you have taken. Browse through Flickr groups for public photo album collections that are dedicated to pictures that could be related to your photo. 

Sometimes it helps to search for photos using keywords you have used for your tags an see what groups other photos belong to. Join those groups and add your photo apropos to each group’s theme. The more links you have to your photo page , the more important your photo will be considered .

Ideally add it to groups that have members and ensure they are relevant and topical to the theme Link each of your flick pages to your website , or a related page under your site. You could add hyperlinks to the description field below the photo. 

Use anchor text that has a call to action and tells the user what to expect if he clicks on the link( example: we sell the product at our website.Enjoy these view from the tables at out restaurant Post as many optimized pictures as possible. This is mostly a game of small many fractions adding up to large cumulative results . The many pages of pictures linking back to your website will help your site get an overall authority. The more pages you have the more likely that other users might find you and link your content.This also increases your chance to have a lucky picture or to which might find its way to viral authority wave that might spur many user shares o a reporter might find one of your pictures for an ideal story