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May 5, 2017

Chart on Internet freedom scores across the world

The above chart from Graphiq shows the global internet freedom index . Areas which have darker  shade have the  highest internet freedom whereas areas with lowest shade of blue have a highly restricted and govt controlled internet usage. China ranks among the lowest in terms of internet freedom with an internet freedom index of  12. Iran is another country with highly controlled web usage scoring just 13.Saudi Arabia also ranks low in internet freedom index with a score of 27. Topping the most free internet index is Canada with a  score of  84, while US and Australia ranks 2nd with a score of 81 respectively. 
In Europe Germany has the most open internet freedom with a score of 82, followed by France and United Kingdom both at 76, while Russia is the bottom with a score of 38.
In the South American markets, Argentina  is among the nations with  highest  internet freedom at 73 followed by Brazil at 71.
South Africa with a  score of  73 ranks high in terms of internet freedom across the MENA region.
In Asia Japan has tops as the nation with highest internet freedom with  a score of 78, followed by Philippines( 73) and South Korea (66). 
In South Asia India leads with an internet freedom index score at 60  followed by Sri Lanka  at 53 and pakistan  at the bottom with a score of 31.