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May 11, 2017

elements of an effective inbound marketing campaign

Inbound campaigns have very specific campaign components that serve to pave the path to purchase experience.  Knowing these components and learning how to populate each step with relevant timely and contextual content helps you build a frame work for achieving results and success Think of each component in your inbound market as an input. These inputs can be grouped into Attraction Inputs,re engagement inputs,Action inputs and Reaction inputs. 

Each of these inputs is an influential factor in your customer chain. Therefore each input has different level of influence on the outcome and each of them has to be given weight-age and importance .

Also avoid  focusing merely  on vanity metrics like page views and user sessions.. rather depending upon your metrics, focus on conversion and user acquisition. Ultimately its the ROI which is going to determine your campaign success. While traffic is important in terms of building  brand visibility,  you also need to ensure that your traffic is targeted and focused and  really appeals to users who are potential buyers.

Lets take a look at the top 10 elements and components of an Inbound marketing Campaign 

1. A website with clearly defined landing pages and path to conversion 
2. Paid search 
3.Organic SEO 
4.Social media sources 
6.Email marketing 
7.Having an active subscriber list and email database 
8. Newsletter subscription 

1Middle of the funnel engagement 
2.Pdf downloads 
3. Whitepapers 
4.Industry publications 
5.Online engagement tools ( live chat )
6. Contact us Form 

1. Email workflows 
2. Invitations 
3. Webinars 
4. Podcasts 
5.Online product training 

1. Product trials 
2. Product demo 
3. Subscription 

1. Online Reviews 
2. Customer support 
3. Shipping /Product return policy 
4. Events and Exhibitions
5. Contextual advertising 
6. Re targeting 
7. Rewards Program