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October 23, 2017

the top 10 paypal mafia's running the world wide web

The PayPal Mafia and how they control the consumer internet  industry (via Fleximize).

Although most of the PayPal Mafia’s investments have stayed within their traditional territory of Silicon Valley tech, more unusual Family ventures have included private spaceflight company SpaceX, Hollywood movie Thank You for Smoking and political campaign group

Originally the term "PayPal Mafia" is a term used to indicate a group of former PayPal employees and founders who have since founded and developed additional technology companies such as Tesla Motors, LinkedIn, Palantir Technologies, SpaceX, YouTube, Yelp, and Yammer.

They have also invested in a slew of internet and dotcom startups and wields considerable influence across silicon valley and corporate boardrooms including politics and governance.

 Most of the members attended Stanford University or the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign at some point in their studies. Five members, Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Luke Nosek and Ken Howery have become billionaires.

The list of individuals mentioned below makes up the Paypal Mafia which invests in a lot of consumer internet companies including startups Individuals whom the media refers to as members of the PayPal Mafia include:

Peter Thiel, PayPal founder and former chief executive officer who is sometimes referred to as the "don" of the PayPal Mafia

 Max Levchin, Founder and chief technology officer at PayPal sometimes called the "consigliere" of the PayPal Mafia.

Elon Musk, is founder of which acquired the company Confinity. Musk later co-founded Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and is the Chairman of SolarCity

David O. Sacks, former PayPal COO who later founded and Yammer

Scott Banister, former IronPort CTO and PayPal board member Roelof Botha, former PayPal CFO who later became a partner of venture capital firm Sequoia Capital

Steve Chen, former PayPal engineer who co-founded YouTube. David Gausebeck, former PayPal Technical Architect, co-creator of the Gausebeck-Levchin test, co-founder of Matterport Inc., a digital 3-D modeling company.

 Reid Hoffman, former executive vice president who later founded LinkedIn and was an early investor in Facebook, Aviary, Friendster, Six Apart, Zynga, IronPort, Flickr, Digg, Grockit,, Nanosolar,, Knewton, Kongregate,, Ning, and Technorati Ken

Rod D. Martin, former special counsel to CEO Peter Thiel whose 10X Capital took over Galectin Therapeutics in 2009 and who founded Advanced Search Laboratories in 2012.

Dave McClure, a former PayPal marketing director, a super angel investor for startup companies and founder of 500 Startups which has hit 500+ investments.

Andrew McCormack, co-founder of Valar Ventures Luke Nosek, PayPal co-founder and former vice president of marketing and strategy, became a partner at Founders Fund with Peter Thiel and Ken Howery

 Jason Portnoy, former vice president of financial planning and analysis who later became CFO at Peter Thiel's Clarium Capital, CFO at Palantir Technologies, and founding partner at Subtraction Capital.

Keith Rabois, a former executive at PayPal who later worked at LinkedIn, Slide, Square, and currently Khosla Ventures, and personally invested in Tokbox, Xoom, Slide, LinkedIn, Geni, Room 9 Entertainment, YouTube, and Yelp

Jack Selby, former vice president of corporate and international development at PayPal who co-founded Clarium Capital with Peter Thiel, later becoming managing director of Grandmaster Capital Management.

Premal Shah, the former product manager at PayPal, became the founding president of Russel Simmons, former PayPal engineer who co-founded Yelp Inc.

Jeremy Stoppelman, former vice president of technology at PayPal who later co-founded Yelp, Inc.

 Yishan Wong, a former engineering manager at PayPal, later worked at Facebook and became the CEO of Reddit.