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November 22, 2017

How to create webinars to engage prospects

HOW TO CREATE WEBINARS TO ENGAGE PROSPECTS: Webinars are a  fantastic ways to engage and probe prospects especially for business to business marketing campaigns. Webinars can feature content for each of 4E’s of content marketing. Often creating a webinar from an ebook makes a lot of sense either as a free engagement tool or as a paid means of engagement and diving deeper into a topic. You can even create a webinar series for regular customers to subscribe and watch. 

Here are 10 essentials tips to engage users using webinar

1:Start with a small group for your first webinar 
2: Seek questions from attendees ahead of time so that there would be no surprises 
3: Test the webinar several times before you go live 
4: start the login time for your webinar at least 5 mins before the scheduled time 
5: Record the webinar so that those who don’t attend may view it later and future visitors to your website can engage by downloading and viewing the webinar 
6: Keep the material short and concise. Don’t try to cover too much information in one go. 
7: Ideally the length of the webinar should not be over 20 minutes long.Even if you allot a follow-up period for questions and answers, stick to your local time limit 
8: Consider prerecording your webinar allowing questions and comments at the end Use simple graphics and bullet points, Keep one thought per slide.
Dont feature every word on the screen. 

You can also create an automated email workflow for each webinar in the following manner 

1) Send an immediate thank you email after signing up 
2) Email a 24 hour webinar time reminder. 
3) Email again with a one hour webinar time reminder 
4) Send a post-webinar thank you with the next ( Call to action :CTA) for attendees or Send a post webinar “Sorry you could not attend “ email with a link to the recorded webinar” There are a huge selection of webinar hosting software in the marketplace.Among the top ones are Adobe Connect Citrix GoTo Webinar ClickWebinar &WebEX