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November 23, 2017

new to seo ?: 5 free tools to diagnose your website


 How to self-diagnose a website if you're new to SEO:

 Here are among the top 5 online tools for self-diagnosing a website especially if you're new to search engine optimization and online marketing.

1)Storegrader ( https://ecommerce.shopify/grader ) : If you run and maintain an e-commerce website ,Shopify’s store grader is a good place to start off with your marketing efforts, site usability and performance ,including content management and SEO.
2)Alexa( : for a quick snapshot of the performance of your website go to and type your website url. The basic free version provides an estimated ranking for your country and the world based on a variety of factors..While Alexa has its limitations , it is just a starting point to understand the performance of your website. Its also quick and you can delve into deeper insight with their paid version which has more accurate data.

3)Moz Rank Tracker( ) Moz has been a leader in SEO initiatives for many years and they provide a altogether different insight into your website.Moz ranks your website from zero( lowest value) to 9.99 ( highest value) primarily based on your link juice , which is the number of backward links to your website, both qualitative as well as quantitative.Like the Richter scale for earthquakes, the rankings are logarithmic. 

4)Hubspot Marketing Grader( ): Hubspot’s transition from a website grader to a marketing grader is an indicative of the increasing demand for tools to measure more than just a website.Hubspots innovation grader runs a deep data drive and provides actionable intelligence and help you identify gaps in performance . Marketing grader includes your Alexa and Moz ranks and much much more.The tool is comprehensive and robust and provides a thorough diagnostic examination of your website. 

5)Nibbler Grader( ) :Nibbler has a website performance grader that provides a score based on a ten point scale including accessibility ,experience , marketing and technology.Sub categories are broken down by individual scores too .Nibbler also looks at social media connections and grades your mobile website .Like Hubspots marketing grader it provides a rich insights in an customized and interesting dashboard.

6)Woorank Grader( ): Wooorank grades your social media ,SEO conversions and your mobile website .Delivering quick results Woorank outlines critical areas that needs immediate attention as well as points out areas where you are performing well.The action points are outlined under each initiatives graded with easy to read actionable list.
7)QuickSprout ( ): Quick sprout’s website analyzer grades your SEO based on a letter grade while measuring and displaying you’re your mobile site.The SEO breakdown is quite detailed with easy to reach tables, clearly displaying your results.Website analyzer breaks down your factors into high,Medium and Low priority so that you know where to focus on.
8)WRC validator ( ): the world wide web Consortium has developed their own validator that’s geared more towards internet technology and coding rather than marketing.Although it does not have fancy dashboards and easy to read action points, it does specify potentional and existing problems in a website.