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December 25, 2017

3 tools to ensure you dont' get tracked by social media

 All social  networking sites like Facebook twitter google plus and others are using tracking cookies to keep track of your user Behaviour. Social websites mint money by studying and tracking online consumer usage patterns and then showing related ads to users.  Generally most ad tracking technology works  by installing cookies at the browser level which  studies your browsing behaviour not only when you are connected to them,but also when you are browsing other websites on the internet. The reason is quite simple.Advertisers are willing to pay more money to advertise across social networks as more information and data are available in terms of targeting the consumer . The places you visit , the products you buy and the places you go with your friends and food you eat are indicators to your consumer usage habits and they  like  a proverbial golden goose to advertisers.. The way social media sites are more able to track you is by placing  a like, share and login buttons on other websites and then using tracking cookies to identify every visitor.

Each time you visit a webpage with any social networking buttons not only you are revealing who you are but you are also revealing what kind of websites you like, the products you recommend and the things you buy.Advertisers are willing to pay a premium to target such audiences.  

However if you wish to stop social networking sites from targeting and tracking you ,Here are a few options.

1)One of them is to use BLUR APP. Blur ( ) is a free browser extension that blocks social networking sites from tracking your activity on the internet. It is currently available  on google chrome and mozilla firefox browsers.
Once you have installed the Blur app in your browser the first step is to register yourself by entering your email address and choosing a password.
The next time you visit any website on the internet, the Blur app will automatically stop social networking sites from tracking you and secretly collecting information and data about you. To view the statistics about the number of trackers blocked by Blur website you are visiting , you just need to click on the Blur icon on the right top corner of your browser any time.
If you are a Google Chrome user there are some other ads ons which help you protect your online identity across social networks. Among them are 
2)Ghostery - Ghostery does an excellent job at blocking the invisible tracking cookies and plug-ins on many web sites, showing it all to you, and then giving you the choice whether you want to block them one-by-one, or all together so you'll never worry about them again. The best part about Ghostery is that it's not just limited to social networks, but will also catch and show you ad-networks and web publishers as well.
3)ScriptNo for Chrome - ScriptNo is much like Ghostery in that any scripts running on any site you visit will sound its alarms. The difference is that while Ghostery is a bit more exclusive about the types of information it alerts you to, ScriptNo will sound the alarm at just about everything, which will break a ton of websites. You'll visit the site, half of it won't load or work, and you'll have to selectively enable scripts until it's usable. Still, its intuitive interface will help you choose which scripts on a page you'd like to allow and which you'd like to block without sacrificing the actual content on the page you'd like to read.

There is this popular misconception that turning on the Incognito mode on chrome will help you evade tracking by social media sites. However this will not help There is a myth that browsing in incognito/private mode on your browser would solve all these problems. But even this won't completely stop ads. There are further measures that must be put in place, including different browser add-ons, which let you customize what you're blocking. Hot Spot Shield hides IP addresses. IP addresses are generally used to link data and other information that a website knows about you.