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December 10, 2017

branding and marketing your professional career : 6 levels of influence

Personal Branding : The 6 levels of influence: A person is like a brand. Just have brands have product life cycles , a person too has their own professional life cycles. like brands too , your career needs proper levels of persuasion and it needs to be advertised across key distribution channels.Companies spend billions bombarding us with their ads and enticing us to buy from them .

Research data shows that an average person is bombarded with 16,000 ads and promotions every day. However most companies use two kinds of marketing to reach their target users.

Pull and Push marketing. Creating the right push and pull  impact draws others to you,empowers you to get things done and make things happen.It wins you interviews ,sales pitches ,friends partners, business associates and positive impact.

Pull marketing is when consumers are pulled towards the products , either by print ad,video ads or radio ads.Push marketing on the other hand is when companies push their products across the distribution channel in order to ensure more retail coverage and dealers. Push marketing relies on the  distributers and retail outlets to provide marketing ammunition and muscle.Pull marketing on the other hand depends upon customer outreach in a more proactive way. Pull marketing is designed for customers to ask for the product (which they might have seen or heard via ads ) Push marketing on the other hand relies upon the retailers to push their product in front go the customer. 

Similarly in your career you need to decide whether you need to pursue a push or a pull strategy. Make yourself so good, network across the right crowds and make yourself heard and seen in the right kind of ecosystem or create a brand personae where you will be referred by people who really matter. the world’s leading expert on persuasion Robert Cialdini spent more than 30 years studying the subject of influence in depth. In his seminal book Influence he details 6 powerful weapons of persuasion which were 1)Likeability 2)Reciprocation 3)Social proof 4) Authority 5) commitment and consistency 

 Broadly speaking your success in your professional branding depends on the above personality traits Likeability matters.

Likeability is one of the most ‘crucial” character traits which creates the greatest impact in your both personal and professional life. Likeability wins elections and is the heart of making an impact and standing out in a crowd. Likeability is the ability to empathise and establish an immediate connectivity. You might not be running for elections or a Mayor, but likeability, the ability to be liked across a wide spectrum of users creates an instant rapport with your audiences .So what does the  likeability index look like?. What are the character traits that makes a person likeable . Broadly speaking being authentic, being physically attractive,genuine interest in others and friendliness are the keys to being more likeable.
2)Reciprocity :This involves doing someone a favour and create a sense of obligation on their part, In other words , the moment you help someone in their need or when they are going through tough times, you have established a leverage on the person, What that means that “ they owe you “ big time , and they will be always eager to pay you back by doing a favour when you need them . Reciprocation creates a extremely powerful force on the other person. 

 3)Social Proof : we all are social creatures.Psychologist have shown that countless examples that we all have a “ role model” and tend to behave like our own icons whom we hero worship.Most often we look upto a company , a particular culture or tend to copy the “best practices” from among the best companies in our industries. This is the social proof effect. We can be more influential by using social proof as a way to influence decision on our companies, or starting a new initiative. 

 4.Authority:Most of us tend to obey authorities. we obey authorities not because we want to , we obey because they are “ considered to be powerful people who yields considerable influences “.We give credence to comments from those with credentials and qualifications. In any situation where you seek to influence an use this weapon in two ways, If you have authority yourselves which might be due to your expertise and competence or seek authority that supports your case.This is how expert witness are often used in court.Even citing authoritative sources are effective. 5) Commitment and consistency :

5.Commitment and consistency are the hallmarks of an individual who, stands by their word and action.A person of commitment is automatically respected as one playing by the rules.One of the key elements of your personal branding along with commitment should be consistency. Consistency is simply ensuring you follow up and deliver on whatever you had mutually agreed on earlier. Commitment and consistency are traits that will always be respected even by your detractors.