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January 6, 2014

Is it the end of Digital Brand Advertising :3 Ways how Your Online Strategy Change

3 Trends  that would  Change Digital Advertising in 2014 :Adobe State of Online Advertising by Sumit Roy

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July 27, 2012

85% Facebook Users Are Content Creators

As of yesterday, Facebook claimed 955 million monthly active users, that is, people who have either visited the social network through its website or mobile site or clicked one of those ubiquitous share buttons distributed on countless third-party sites, like
Anyway you cut it, the scale is vast. But just how many of those people are actually doing something on Facebook? Now the company is telling us.

In a recent interview, Facebook Head of Audience Insights "Robert D'Onofrio" had explained  about 85% of those monthly active users are creating some form of content. It needs to be said that Facebook defines content creation broadly and includes everything from uploading a photo or video to writing a status update to less time-intensive actions such as becoming a fan of something or liking a friend's post. Messaging and check-ins aren't included.

There's a misperception generally out there that when it comes to social media you have a minority of the users generating a majority of the content," said Mr. D'Onofrio. "The 80-20 rule does exist, but in the opposite way on Facebook.