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July 27, 2012

Search Optimization and Infographics: Why Matt Cutts is Right

In a recent interview with Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting Google’s famed " Search Guru" Matt Cutts  created a flutter across the webmaster community  when he gave the impression that : Infographic" was not seen" as something that would effect  the quality of the website , and does not influence the parameters of at makes a quality website. The interview primarily centered on SEO and delved into link building, brand building, link profiles, content differentiation, Panda, Penguin and others. 

 This is what Matt had to say on Infographics

I would not be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree. The link is often embedded in the infographic in a way that people don’t realize, vs. a true endorsement of your site

So what is your take on it . why should the webmaster who do not have infographic, loose out to one that does. Infographics are used as link baits.. and when demand and supply side of web in terms of  Page weight quality starts to become less, its obvious " Googl Algorithm: will create some other parameter, as the supply side of infographics ( assuming it serves as a link bait) outstrips the supply.