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June 26, 2014

Microsoft CEO " Nadella " Launched ' Skype Translator

As Microsofts CEO   ends his honeymoon Nadella is slowly coming out  of the shadown of  steve ballmer .. .Microsft has just unveiled some new products, as he  unveils what he refers to as " the new microsofts " web3.0 initiatives..This infographic provides an insights in the " new product launches by Microft under Nadella

Nadella took over Microsoft ' that is incresingly been sen by its competitors and industry analysts as a sleeping giant that  is seem as a technoloy 1.0 company who is still struggling to create its own relevance   in a world dominated by the new giants of Silicon Valley. Howeve it seems  the sleeping giant has awoken, first with Office on the iPad, then with new versions of Windows, then with CortanaSurface 3, and on and on, five months of announcement after announcement.

One of the recent ' initiatives launched   by Nadella  is with Microsoft's new real-time translator for Skype conversations.. With Skype  user base of more  than 300 million users clocking in around one trillion conversation minutes every month is  huge "

Skype Translator, as it is currently called, allows speakers in different languages to hear the other’s words spoken in their own language, according to a demo introduced by chief executive officer Satya Nadella at the Code Conference technology gathering

Among  one persistent problem that has always prevented people from all over the world from truly connecting with one another is the language barrier. With Skype Translator, Microsoft is traversing into previously uncharted territories and could be bridging the gap other companies have tried to close but failed .Whether Microsoft will be able to " plug the gap in the market. only time will tell

February 25, 2013

Insights on Ecommerce Trends and Device: Smartphone vs Tablets vs PC

One out of every five visits to leading ecommerce websites now comes from either a tablet or smartphone. By the end of November, tablets and smartphones had already taken an unprecedented share of holiday website traffic, including on Cyber Monday when website visits from both devices more than doubled in one year, from 7.90% to 18.87%. In fact, conversion rates from tablets were slightly higher on the Tuesday (6.72%) following Cyber Monday (6.31%).
The AOV of consumers on smartphones increased 15.56% in December compared to a year earlier. When comparing the same key performance indicator to the previous three months, smartphones experienced an almost identical AOV gain of 15.68%, far outpacing increases from users on tablets (3.79%) and traditional desktop or laptop computers (4.24%). When looking at inbound traffic sources, the AOV from social networks increased 5.74%.
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October 27, 2012

September 22, 2012

July 27, 2012

85% Facebook Users Are Content Creators

As of yesterday, Facebook claimed 955 million monthly active users, that is, people who have either visited the social network through its website or mobile site or clicked one of those ubiquitous share buttons distributed on countless third-party sites, like
Anyway you cut it, the scale is vast. But just how many of those people are actually doing something on Facebook? Now the company is telling us.

In a recent interview, Facebook Head of Audience Insights "Robert D'Onofrio" had explained  about 85% of those monthly active users are creating some form of content. It needs to be said that Facebook defines content creation broadly and includes everything from uploading a photo or video to writing a status update to less time-intensive actions such as becoming a fan of something or liking a friend's post. Messaging and check-ins aren't included.

There's a misperception generally out there that when it comes to social media you have a minority of the users generating a majority of the content," said Mr. D'Onofrio. "The 80-20 rule does exist, but in the opposite way on Facebook.