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October 29, 2015

comparing 10 years trailing stock market returns : Apple vs Walmart

These are the stock market returns had you invested in these stocks for last 10 years jobs
Hod much you would have earned as an investor if you had invested $100 in Apple and Walmart
 Apple would have give you almost 10 time returns if you held the stock for 10 years ,$10 would  have been approx $110 in 2015. In 2014 had you cashed out , your money would have grown 12 times

Walmart would have given you 9 times the returns had you cashed out in 2014, In 2015 right now Walmart shares would have given you 7 times on what you had invested.$10 would have grown to $70 right now

August 3, 2014

Mobile devices to form 19% US Retail Sales,iOS users

Mobile to make up for 19% retail shopping  purchases

Emarketer predicts that 19% US Retail purchases is said  to be made via a mobile device  and by 2018 this number will grow ro $20bk
Mobile retail to excee $100 billion in sales

In 2016 25% of purchase will be made by Moile devices and in about one year mobile sales would skyrocket to about $1billoim[[
kind of goods to be mostly purchased during mobile commerce

The mobile part though plays very  small role in the entire ecommerce spaece

This chart is an important  reminder that " inspite  of the mobile hype, Presently Mobile 
economy consists if a minuscule of " the total eCommerce Market.

ISO users and why the spend more on oci