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February 6, 2016

March 11, 2015

Comparison of Nokia Feature Phone Handsets

Nokia basic mobile phones

Comparison  review of features and functionalities of    Nokia Feature Phone Handsets

All Nokia feature Phones   feature phone has been compared along with their specifications  Along with the models, that might be hard to find now..  the  presence of FM/MP3 player,  Weight, Screen colors,  VGA cameras  along with the  upgrading the memory .slot ( expandable memory) are compared


July 13, 2013

From Manufacturing to Services Economy: iPhone Revolution and US

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A look at the largest employers shows how America’s economy has changed.  According to Newyork times infographic reproeuced above shows how  over the last 50 years, the country has shifted from creating goods to providing services. Today, about a tenth of Americans work in manufacturing, while service providers and retailers like Walmart and temp firms like Kelly Services employ about six in seven of the nation’s workers.

June 3, 2013

February 25, 2013

UK consumers Tops Internet and Mobile Use among 18 European Countries

UK Leads Online Engagement across Europe: A comparison of online engagement across Europe shows that internet users in the UK spent the most amount of time online in December 2012. During the month, UK consumers spent more than 37 hours online on their PC, representing the highest of all 18 European markets analysed. Turkey and Netherlands are second and third in the rankings with internet users spending an average of 31 and 30.6 hours online respectively in December 2012. Even though online engagement in the UK increased by 5 percent over the year, Belgium is the country that achieved the strongest growth of time spent per visitor across Europe. Internet users in Belgium actually spent an additional 2 hours online in December 2012 compared to a year ago.

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February 18, 2013

Marketers Say They’re Shifting Focus Away From Traditional Media

Marketers Say They’re Shifting Focus Away From Traditional Media: Nearly 1 in 3 marketers plan to decrease their organization’s focus on newspapers this year, per results from a survey conducted by Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA). In fact, traditional media occupied the top 6 areas slated for a decline in focus this year by respondents. Beyond newspapers, a significant proportion plan to shift their attention away from consumer magazines (28%), radio (24%), trade magazines (22%), and TV (21%).

Not surprisingly, these marketers are looking more at various digital channels this year. Topping the list is mobile media, with 82% of respondents saying they’ll increase their organization’s focus in this area. That aligns with recent research finding mobile to be perceived as the year’s most disruptive media and marketing trend. Recent survey results from Econsultancy also revealed that mobile is the most exciting opportunity for digital marketers this year. Meanwhile, many respondents to the Aquent and AMA survey also will increase their focus on social media (76%) and marketing automation (75%).

November 14, 2012

The End of Traffic Jams : % IBM's path breaking Innovation

IBM Unveils Groundbreaking Technology to Reduce Traffic Jams on the Road: Drivers may soon spend less time stuck in a traffic jam thanks to groundbreaking technology developed by IBM.
Researchers at the tech giant teamed up with Lyon, France to build a system that helps traffic operators at the city’s transportation management center reduce congestion on the road, and restore traffic flow.

IBM 's  comprehensive survey of 8,042 drivers in 20 cities were included in the research. Drivers were asked a total of 27 questions, such as the duration of their longest commute, their best and worst roadways and how gas prices affect their choices

Using real-time traffic data, they can evaluate an incident with “predictive traffic management technology” to determine how to keep vehicles moving, according to a release. Called “Decision Support System Optimizer” or DSSO, it can detect incidents, predict the impact of these incidents, predict traffic and suggest the best course of action to take to solve a problem.

October 7, 2011

Online Coupon Usage in US : Forrester Report

The usage of online coupons by US consumers is increasing, according to [pdf] a survey
In 2005, 12% of US households used online coupons. By 2011, that number had reached 22%.1 In July 2011, WhaleShark Media asked Forrester to analyze the impact that online coupon and deal sites have on theincremental business portfolios of its merchant partners. To create a full picture of the online coupon market 

Forrester Research Results from “The Impact of Online Coupons and Promotion Codes” indicate 66% of consumers will use online coupons for at least 25% of their purchases in the next 12 months, a 20% increase from 55% who used online coupons for at least 25% of their purchases in the last 12 months.

This includes a 19% jump in consumers who will use online coupons for 25-50% of their purchases in the next 12 months (26% to 31%) and a 21% increase in consumers who will use online coupons for 50% or more of their purchases in the next 12 months (29% to 35%).
Among respondents with children, there is particularly strong 43%growth in plans to use online coupons for 50% or more of purchases in the next 12 months (28% to 40%). This increase drives a 30% overall increase in plans to use online coupons for 25% or more purchases in the next 12 months (56% to 73%).