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May 2, 2011

The 3D Technology Infographic

This Infographic  is from Online Schools showing how 3D works, from the old red and blue Anaglyph technology, to the new polarized glasses and 3D projection, to our no glasses 3D future

April 4, 2011

Apple's New iPhone 5 To Have 3D Camera

According to Appleinsider Apple has toyed with the idea of adding two or more rear-facing cameras and sensors to a device like an iPhone, allowing pictures to be taken and displayed in 3D.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week revealed a patent application from Apple related to 3D picture taking, entitled "Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors." First discovered by
AppleInsider, the filing describes a system that would capture, process and render 3D images with the accompanying dual-camera hardware.

The application refers to Apple's approach as a "paradigm shift from the known software-based approaches." It notes that current software must "guess" at how to perform stereo disparity compensation for 3D images.

Those guesses, Apple said, can result in images with artifacts in a composed 3D image that would result in a poor quality photo. Apple's method would instead employ a hardware-based approach with a "deterministic calculation for stereo disparity compensation."

Apple would create hardware with multiple imaging systems, employing separate luma, chroma and depth/distance sensors to capture images that can be turned into a single, three-dimensional picture.
Apple's system would also be able to record video in 3D. Setup and calibration of such a system would be a simple one-time event, the application claims. Another  new patent application from Apple describes iPhone games that would use the device's many sensors and capabilities -- including motion detection, GPS and camera -- to offer a new way to play and compete with friends in a real-life 3D space.

"The game devices can include attachments," the application reads. "For example, a 'gun' can be attached to a game device and used by a player to target other players in the real world game environment. In this case, the orientation of the 'gun' relative to the game device can be determined."

Meanwhile there has been a lot of speculation across the Internet on the details of iphone 5 Features, while iPhone 5 is to hit stores in the Fall, the iPhone 5 rumors seem to be getting bigger with time  From new cameras to bigger screens, more RAM and NFC here is your complete roundup of what you can expect from the iPhone 5.Here is an infographic " which is a mere speculation on the new iphone 5