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April 25, 2012

3G Penetration Across The Globe:Japan ,South Korea and Australia lead

3G Penetration Numbers: Morgan Stanely Research Studies

As early as 8 years ago, began to enter the 3G era, as Japan is often the most direct model of the 3G operators.Tokyo, Japan, the world's cities with the highest consumption. According to the latest statistics, the per capita income as high as Tokyo ¥ 4,820,000 (about 365,000 yuan). It is understood that in Japan in terms of 3G coverage is currently as high as 90%. And my country, like, 8 years ago, in Japan at the time of the initial 3G market, applications such as video calls is driving customers to upgrade to 3G from 2G main strategy.

China reached a major milestone in February,2012  when the number of mobile phone users in the country surpassed one billion, the 3G penetration rate is still low at 14 percent,
In the first two months of this year, China added 21 million new phone users to create a total of 1.01 billion customers, according to the ministry of industry and information technology.
The user base is double the combined population of the US and Japan, according to  the China Daily
The mobile penetration rate of China, now at 73.6 percent, is still lower than that of the West, where it reaches over 90 percent or even above 100 percent, meaning some people have two or more phones, the ministry said.