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March 5, 2015

67% Mobile Advertising across APAC region happens via mobile App

State of Mobile advertising in APAC

The   data from inmobi shows  how the mobile ad impressions across the region are dominated by Mobile Apps . While 33% of mobile advertising  happens across mobile websites, a majority 67% happens vimobile app  installed across a  smartphone or  a tablet

May 29, 2014

How Internet and mobile web is driving the digital economy in APAC region

The  above data from wearesocial shows  how Internet and Mobile is aiding the digital economy of these nations  and how technology plays a crucial role in revving up an economy 

The research the study  takes into account  each nations digital indicators , and ranks each of them is assigned a score . Some of these parameters  were  internet penetration, number of internet users, mobile usage and penetration, 3G, 4G networks,  penetration of mobile web, broadband, usage , social media numbers and  smartphone usage among several other parameters

The research  compared all the  above digital indicator metrics across all 30 APAC nations  Combining all of the APAC nations, that is , if  APAC were a country this is how its numbers would have  stacked up 

  • Internet Penetration : 37%
  • Social Media Penetration : 26%
  • Mobile Connectivity/Penetration : 93%