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August 9, 2012

Most Popular Online Display Advertising Formats

According to the latest research report on Display ad(  DFP ad serving platform) by Google and Double Click show that  the top three ad formats—the medium rectangle, leaderboard and skyscraper—comprise nearly 80% of all served ad impressions. However, the remainder of impressions span a wide variety of uncommon sizes. There were over one thousand different ad sizes trafficked— yet only 300 unique sizes posted more than 1 million impressions during 2011.
The growth in non-standard ad sizes is notable, and it has mostly been at the expense of traditional ad sizes like the 468 x 60 banner and 120 x 600 skyscraper. Of interest is the growth of larger “premium” formats, which offer advertisers a richer visual canvas for their creatives. You can download the complete report on Online advertising Trends and comparison reports here