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March 18, 2011

Delta Airlines Customers Can Check in Via Facebook

Delta Airlines customers can now check in to flights on the company’s Facebook app.
From the Ticket Counter application, Delta customers starting today can now check SkyMiles and preview what amenities are available for various flights, too. Delta launched its its app back in August, at which time it was the first airline to allow users to book flights through the social network.

Delta also has mobile apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry that let users check in for flights, or get the status of a flight or gate number. However, the integration with Facebook means that it’s one less place some users will need to visit.

Using the app, which was developed by 8thBridge, boarding passes can be printed from the Facebook, just like on the website. Delta also lets users share details about their travel plans or itineraries with users over Facebook. For people who check Facebook more often than e-mail, this is a great way to share flight or trip details. 

This Application also allows users to log in to  their SkyMiles account, buy tickets and print boarding passes from Facebook.You ca also  share with fellow customers  about their flights, plans etc, with other Facebook users..This is a great  "game changer"  in the Aviation Industry, and  among many examples of how" Social Media can be used real business .. and not only as  Branding Tool

According to the latest reports, Delta Airlines on Thursday began offering “eBoarding pass” technology at Raleigh Durham International Airport.The paperless check-in technology is already available at more than 60 other airports worldwide.