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September 10, 2012

New Kindle Fire Devices to Have Bing as Default Search Engine

It was a sweet victory for Microsoft as Amazon's  new kindle has Bing as its  its new default search engine and Amazon has   a tie up  to make Bing the default search engine on the e-tailer's new batch of Kindle Fire devices. However you can change its settings , so as to change to other search provider ( Google /Yahoo)

All text you enter in Amazon Silks address bar is sent to a default search engine. The initial default search engine is selected by Amazon Silk, and we may change the default search engine in the future without notice to you," Amazon states. "If you would like, you may choose to use a different search provider s your default search engine."

The new Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Paperwhite  devices’ Silk browser,also has some other new things in store, compared to the previous version.
The latest version of Silk has improved page load speeds, improved HTML5 support, and some UI changes. Here’s what it looks like:It also comes with a new Trending Now feature, which will direct users to popular pages around the web.
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