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September 2, 2015

Twitter 3.0 makeover to target glocal market and the bottom of the pyramid


" Twitter annual report statement :Faring of global markets"

Twitter  has finally gone global with its self serve advertising model as it expanded its platform so as to facilitate  millions of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in more than 200 countries and territories  to advertise  and  reach their target audience on the " Twitter Self Serve  Platform" ( TSSP)

For Twitter this transition reflects  the road map the company has set itself  as it realigns and re calibrates its value proposition of being seen as a glocal ad aggregator ( glocal : with a very strong focus of global local markets)

For millions of small business, local classifieds business and  Twitter is the best bet  for these under served " business ' to take their business national and global   as it brings power of real time advertising to " millions of small and big business, mom and pop stores. The Company is bringing its self-service ads platform to more people around the world. . Widely Seen , this is twitters most profound and  redefining product positioning identity,for a brand that is yet to get its " eureka moment". The self serve ad platform might be just that moment in its quest for :"finding the perfect monetization model, "It self serve platform  promises to be  be the most " cost effective" real time marketing channel for small and medium, mom and pop stores that which burgeoning by hundreds in developing countries 

Of late Twitter has been under increasing pressure among other things to select a new, permanent CEO executive ,show substantially higher user growth , as shareholders increasingly seek steps from the company  to evolve and bring order to its advertising monetization business, Twitter's tryst with lower that expected growth rates and falling advertising pie continues as stocks reached an all time low last month

October 4, 2014

Whats Driving Microsoft Productivity Software Market

MICROSOFT PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE MARKET SHARE :The value of a company is the sum of the values of its divisions, plus cash, minus debt.Microsoft has traditionally been a leader in the productivity software market, thanks to its ubiquitous Office suite. Its market share was 94.4% in 2008, but declined marginally to 93.6% in 2012.

GLOBAL PRODUCTIVITY SOFTWARE MARKET :Microsoft faces still competition from from hosted suites, especially Google Docs The software as a service model has the potential to disrupt the productivity software market over the long run, given the prospect of enhanced cost savings for the enterprises.Microsoft is moving into cloud-based software.There are very few success stories with this model.t $ 6 user/month, Office 365 enjoys price leadership. Although, Google Apps, at $5 user/month, is an cheaper alternative but it lacks many features of Office 365 


The global productivity software market was worth an estimated $19.6 billion in 2008. It declined marginally in 2009, but has since expanded to around $24 billion in 2012. This is expected to show a steady growth in the coming years

Key drivers of office productivity market.

 This is expected to increases as the world's working age population will increase over the forecast period?Led by the increasing growth of the BRIC nations along with booming economies of India, China, Southeast Asia and Latin America will see rapid increase in adoption of productivity software market

Operating Marging.Microsoft Office Operating Margin has traditionally been around 64%. It was around 66.2% in 2012.according to Tefris, this is set to decline  at a moderate level