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July 8, 2014

Real Estate and Digital Marketing : 3 Tips to increase conversion

According to  The real estate industry is slowing moving from print ads to digital. The reason is not hard to fathom

The real consumers for The upmarket properties are clearly omnipresent across the digital medium. In terms of media usage, 30% of the upmarket  consumers  spend the time across the  Digita media , compared to 18% on print and 24% on TV
real estate marketing : 3 Digital  techniques to increase conversion


1)  Select ad segment your audience, You cant be targeting both masses and classes. Determine you " consumers according to  your offering . If you wish to target " 2 BHK apartments.. Find out who are the users that can afford to buy and map the media usage according to their online user habbits  

 For example, newly married couples ( DINKS ) Double Income and No Kids.. who are yet to raise a  family might be the perfect fit  to target your " online campaign

2) Have media plan for masses and classes :Similarly a BHK Apartment, would appeal to a family with 2 kids who requite there personal space . Choose your media plan " by taking into account " which sites  or properties they frequent most. For example, users opting a 3BHK would certainly have a higher disposable income , and would probably invest in equities rather than Debt . This segment is more likely to buy a second car... Zero in your target segment and map  your media plan accordingly

3) Video Testimonials : This is perhaps the most effective way to convince potential buyers on  why they should choose you ... Talk to your " satisfied consumers and " made a 3 to 5 minute video "where they share their experience" The believebility  quotient of " Consumers actually "watching a video testimonial is worth more than any paid advertising, as users would rather believe some one who is actually  sharing their experiences, a compared to banners ads, social media and Advertorial.