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October 12, 2011

iPhone 4S is 68% Faster than iPhone ,the fastest smartphone Today

The first GeekBench benchmarks for Apple’s new iPhone 4S prove that dual-core A5 processor makes this baby a super speedy smartphone. Thought your iPhone 4 was quick? The new iPhone is about 68% quicker!


The specs listed in the GeekBench test shows the iPhone 4S’ dual-core A5 chip, and confirms rumors that the device still packs just 512MB RAM. The A5 chip is also present in Apple’s iPad 2, and while that does perform better than the new iPhone in GeekBench tests, with a score of 749, the iPhone 4S achieves an impressive score of ~623.

In comparison, the iPhone 4 achieves just 370, making the new device around 68% than the fourth-generation iPhone, and only 17% slower that the iPad 2. However, the iPhone 4S’ chip is under-clocked at just 800MHz, whereas the iPad 2”s  is free to run at 1GHz.

Now this is where the iPhone 4S comes in. The Safari browser running on iOS 5 and the dual-core A5 processor managed to obliterate the competition with a score of 89,567. No matter which side of the camp you may be, you cannot deny that it is an incredible score

The  Apple iPhone 4S scored a 2222 on the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark 0.9. Right behind that is actually the 15-month old iPhone 4 running iOS 5 with a score of 3921 — not even close. In this category, iPhone 4S is second in line only to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, which is a tablet, not a smartphone. For some reason, that’s the only tablet thrown in the mix. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 received a score of 2220.