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February 28, 2016

5 kind of linking strategies that can effect your seo rankings

Among the the most crucial changes that might affect your website traffic is your linking strategy. At times we go overboard to get links and focus on the quantity , rather than quality.This affects your traffic and might change your SERP Again how do you judge quality of your links . There are 3 ways how you can do this
1) Is the industry you are targeting complimentary or it is your competitor ?
2) How many links does the website have ? Are the links merely buried in their links pages. A page has more than 100 links can be assured the link will not  pass on the attributes of links

3) Relevance and authority : Links that are related to the same topic are given more weightage than random linking  to unrelated pages.Think of relevance of each link being evaluated by in the context of specific user search query .For example " for a search term " new cars at Arizona " if the publisher has received a link from Arizona chamber of commerce, the search engine derives  that  the fact that" the link is relevant and trustworthy as the site is about Arizona".Once you decide on the industry you are targeting,your focus on link building should be razor sharp on getting linksfrom within that industry.

4) No follow links : Although google recently claimed that the attribute of "Nofollow" links is no longer that relevant and important as compared to a couple of years ago. However when you use a No follow meta tag on a page, the search engine will still crawl the page and place it in its index. However all links ( both external and internal) on the page will be disabled from passing the link juice to other pages

 4) Anchor text : Desist from a link where the anchor text mentions" our links, click here to know more,read more, or check out the full post here. Be very specific on the anchor text to which you site is being linked to. The best policy is to use the title of your website or webpage as an anchor text The impact of anchor text is quite more powerful than you think.For example if you link to a page that has minimal search friendly ( flash site for example) The search engine will look for signals to know what the page is about.In such case inbound anchor text becomes the primary driver in determining the relevance of the page 

April 1, 2011

The Most Popular DownLoaded Apps

"most downloaded apps"

"tablet sales across the globe" 
According to Pew Research, the adult downloaders in the Nielsen sample are hooked on games. Six in ten of these recent downloaders said that they had used a game app in the past 30 days. By comparison, roughly half said they had used a news/weather app, map/navigation app, or social networking app in that same timeframe. While music apps ranked second in terms of total downloads, they ranked fifth on the most used list for this group.

Apps users have a distinct demographic profile when compared with other cell phone using adults, and when compared with the entire U.S. adult population. Apps users skew male, and they are much younger than the broader population. Overall, they are also more educated and more affluent than other cell phone users or the adult population as a whole. The apps-using population also skews slightly Hispanic when compared with other cell phone users and all adults.