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September 23, 2011

Marketshare By OS: Desktops Vs Tablets Vs SmartPhones

The following information on web clients  above is obtained from the User agent information supplied to web servers by web browsers. This is an inexact science for a variety of reasons. For a discussion on the shortcomings see Usage share of web browsers.
The most recent data from various sources published during the last six months is summarized in the table below. (All of these sources monitor a substantial number of web sites. Statistics that relate to a single web site are excluded.)

September 20, 2011

Mobile Adoption Across The Enterprise: Case Studies and Trends

A new study claims that mobile marketing revenue worldwide is projected to grow to more than $24 billion in 2013.The growth is anticipated to be a thirteen-fold increase from the $1.3 billion spent on mobile marketing last year, according to ABI Research, New York.
Your laptop isn’t irrelevant yet, but it might be soon. Sales of web-enabled smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have surpassed web-enabled laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers.
By 2016, the number of mobile apps downloads are estimated to reach 44 billion and the worldwide online app market is expected to grow from approximately $6.8 billion in 2010 to $25 billion by 2015.
Mobile apps in the business sphere is the future. Decision makers now see that these tools increase productivity, reduce paperwork, and increase revenue in ways other devices simply cannot.  (source : ZenDesk)