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July 25, 2015

b2b SME online shopping tops Chinese ecommerce share

"type of business that tops ecommerce in china"
Chinese ecommerce markets largest share belongs to b2b  small and medium enterprises marketplace which forms 50% of ecommerce pie. Online shopping forms almost 23%. Meanwhile large enterprise b2b  makes up 23% of ecommerce market in China, followed by online travel with 2.3% and  local services with perform 1.4%

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June 23, 2012

The Asian Smartphone Revolution driven by HKII Countries (Hong Kong ,India Indonesia

Smartphone Advertising increased by 70% in Q3,2011 in Hong Kong

Smartphone Advertising increased by  4% in Q3,2011 in  Indonesia

Smartphone Advertising increased by 30% in Q3,2011 in India

June 5, 2012

Connected Devices Consumption Asia :Top 3 Technology Trends

The Asian Revolution in Connected Devices: Top 5 Insights

An increasing number of Southeast Asian consumers have internet-capable devices at their disposal, with rapid uptake expected in 2012.
In all markets except Indonesia, desktop computer ownership is high
In Indonesia, ownership of an internet-capable mobile phone is more than double that of desktop or notebook computers
Notebook computers are more prevalent in Singaporean digital consumers’ households, than desktop computers
Tablet computers have seen strong uptake across the region, with the exception of Indonesia and Vietnam. Tablet ownership is expected to further increase in the year ahead, in particular in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand

South East Asian countries  have seen a spectacular growth in terms of   been digital consumers, mobile phone ownership has reached saturation point. Smartphones are prevalent in Singapore and Thailand, and gaining ground in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Penetration is considerably lower in Vietnam at just 11%