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June 4, 2015

Mobile internet usage in Austria, Germany and Switzerland compared

mobile internet usage in Austria Switzerlands and Germany

58%, 71%, 76% of respondents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland respectively, connected to the Internet through a mobile device.

50% of participants in Germany connected to the Internet through a smartphone as compared with 62% and 67% of the survey respondents in Austria and Switzerland, respectively

increasing usage of  netbooks and tablets  are being used for mobile Internet: 28% in Germany and around 35% in Austria and Switzerland 

Ttablets are more popular in Switzerland (26%) for mobile Internet use than in Germany and Austria (17% and 16%). 

 59% of men in Germany compared to 58% of women used mobile Internet; in Austria it was 76% of men vs. 66% of women; Switzerland (80% vs. 72%). 

 48% used mobile Internet for personal matters compared with 15% for work-related matters; Austria (59% vs. 22%); Switzerland (64% vs. 26%).

June 11, 2014

Monthly Traffic Volume from connected devices in Europe : Smartphone vs Tablet vs Laptop

More operators in Europe are now embracing tablet devices, given the greater prospect for data growth than other data devices. On average, the 4G operators recently surveyed by GSMA Intelligence 10 offered seven tablets in their data devices portfolio. Operators such as A1 Telekom (Austria), Polkomtel (Poland), and Telenor (Sweden) were found to be offering twice the number of tablets they were a year ag