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February 14, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 To Launch On February 25 In India Before US Launch India - BlackBerry Z10 To Launch On February 25 In India - News on Mobility Enterprise Solutions: he much awaited BlackBerry Z10, powered by BlackBerry’s all-new, built-from-the-ground-up BlackBerry10 will be launched in India on February 25. Going by past experience, where BlackBerry India has made available smartphones on the day of launch or very soon after, availability should be around the day of launch.

kIndia is among the very few markets that blackberry has managed to retain, as the blackberry fortress around the world crumbled. Led by the Enterprise and Medium to Big Business, Blackberry has a very loyal following in India,  with no other Mobile OEM's managing to make adequate headway. Well known Movie start and  Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is the new brand ambassador for BlackBerry in India, 

Clearly, in anticipation of the official launch, prices in the grey market, where the Z10 is available without bill and warranty, are falling. From Rs 75,000 a week ago, the price of the handset in the grey market has fallen to Rs 53,000.

Currently, the Z10 is available in the UK and some European markets, Canada and the UAE and it's interesting to note that the BlackBerry Z10 will be launched in India before the United States. This would be a tribute to the Indian Market, by blackberry as it witness a slown down for Blackberry products worldwide ...  all except India.

January 30, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Smartphone Wows .. as RIM tries to Reinvent itself

Finally the iPhone and Samsung S series will have some competetion when they wake up from tomorrow  Research In Motion Ltd. unveiled its first two phones with the new BlackBerry 10 system. The Q10 will have a physical keyboard, while the Z10 has only a touch-screen keyboard.

There has never been more pressure on a single device than there is on the BlackBerry Z10. This is the phone, along with its keyboard-wielding sibling, that must save BlackBerry, challenge Apple and stem the dominance of Google’s Android. It’s a phone that must surpass every expectation and achieve things that no user even contemplated a mobile phone could do. (

As BlackBerry's  unveiled its new mobile OS along with their smartphones today  along with a new corporate name, with the hope of restoring its products' status as a symbol of executive cool.RIM  has actually redesigned the system to embrace the multimedia, apps and touch-screen experience prevalent today. The question is whether there's time for the once-pioneering BlackBerry to catch up to Apple's trend-setting iPhone and devices running Google's Android system.

Analysts, technology reviewers and app developers with advance access to the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry 10 operating system have said it is the company's first competitive touch-screen phone( Techcrunch)

The Qwerty-packing handset resembles the N Series BB10 device which leaked in a promo video last September – with a ‘classic’ BlackBerry shape housing a relatively generously sized touchscreen that’s nonetheless considerably smaller than the Z10 full-touch device that RIM also unboxed today.

December 21, 2012

BlackBerry Z10 to be unveiled as first BlackBerry 10 smartphone

Source: via Sumit on Pinterest

BlackBerry Z10 reportedly set to be unveiled as first BlackBerry 10 smartphone NDTV Gadgets: Twitter user @evleaks has done it again. The subject of the latest leak is the much-awaited BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

According to @evleaks, RIM plans to ditch 4 digit names (like BlackBerry Curve 9300) and call the forthcoming full-touch BlackBerry 10 smartphone the 'BlackBerry Z10'. So far we've known this phone as the BlackBerry L-series smartphone. @evleaks further states that the BlackBerry Z10 will be available in black and white colour options.

@evleaks also mentioned that the QWERTY BlackBerry 10 device, expected to be unveiled later next year, might be called the BlackBerry X10.

As the January 30 launch date draws closer, we've seen several leaks, but this is the first time we've heard an official name for the phone being mentioned. We've also heard rumours that RIM plans to release two BlackBerry 10 smartphones on launch, so it'll be interesting to see if details of the second device pop-up in the near future.