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March 19, 2011

Facebook Videos is Ranked 4th Biggest Online Video Site

That Facebook has become a kind of Melting Pot of Users, that has managed to "cut through class, creed, countries, continents is evedient by the fact that  ,Facebook ranks sixth for online video watching during the month of January, according to comScore measurements.

The consultancy tallied an audience of 42,058 individuals on Facebook who together put in 122,623 viewing sessions during January, with the average viewer watching 15.4 minutes. But the social network has yet to monetize this this viewership, since the site didn’t make comScore’s ranking of ad footage watched online.

Facebook has earlier, said that the company wants to monetize other content besides games, so videos might be on the to-do list for advertising sales on the sites.  Whether that would be a turn off for " Facebook users" or not is too early to predict, But as Facebook goes Public, the pressure to make money would probably be more priority, for them rather than trying to Uphold their " ideological Slant" towards advertising .

 Other recent statistics have shown that Facebook ranks second in driving traffic to video content, which makes it very evidient, that  Facebook acts like an aggregator ,, and succeeds in Creating a indirect Channel for the best of content from the web

February 17, 2011

Bing Browser New Toolbar Gets Integrated To Facebook

Microsoft’s Bing browser now has Facebook functionality built into the toolbar, now available for free download here.

While the sight of a browser toolbar makes many cringe, the new Bing Bar actually packs some pretty cool features. For starters, the Facebook button provides handy drop-down access to your wall, notifications, inbox, and a slick photo widget. The email alerter handles Gmail and Yahoo! Mail in addition to Hotmail accounts, and you can click the icon for a heads-up display of your inbox.

Other widgets provide bite-sized portions of news, weather, and stock market info, Bing Maps, movie showtimes and information, and Bing Rewards deals.

The gist of the Facebook embedding inlcudes prominent iconography in the toolbar, plus notifications from the social network that pop up even when you’re not on the site. And you can check your mail, which might become handier as the new messaging platform becomes more entrenched among users

PC Mag in its review feels Bing's  Browser has a log of  Positives, including the new toolbar gives one-button access to News, Maps, e-mail, and Facebook, along with offering a separate search box. A big part of the design is meant to expose Bing capabilities that users may not know about—Web-based gaming, stock quotes, and movie showtimes, among them. The Bing Bar also works with the search provider's rewards program, whereby users can earn points towards purchases by using Bing search, the toolbar, and allowing Microsoft to collect anonymous data on your search behavior.

The new Bing Bar is only available for Internet Explorer 7 and later. To read more about the new Bing Bar, see Microsoft's blog post on the Bing Search blog (requires Windows Live ID). To install it for yourself, visit the Bing Toolbar download page.