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April 16, 2011

BlackBerry App – 3 Million Downloads a Day

Every few months or so RIM has announced some stats on how many downloads App World sees on average per day. Alex Kinsella, Product Manager at RIM for BlackBerry App World, mentioned on Twitter that App World is now pushing 3 million app downloads a day. The site Berryview recently reported some  remarkable statistics on the share  of Blackberry apps which is reproduced below
RIM has been making their way around 3 cities in the US along with Toronto with their BlackBerry Developer days
  • 49% of paid apps are BB5.0 users, 41% are on BB6.0 via @OldDirtyGamer
  • There are 580 carriers globally for BlackBerry. Most BB users (505) are on version 5.0 and only 10% are on version 6,0. via @OldDirtyGamer
  • Just spoke with the folks from RIM. No restrictions on using third party payment platforms. via @PayPalx
  • In-app payment microtransactions for Playbook available today; subscriptions within apps for Playbook coming later.