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November 21, 2011

State of Digital Landscape in France

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Browser Market Share

1)There were 45,262,000 internet users in France (representing 69.5% of the population) in June 2011, according to (Internet world Stats, August 2011)  

2)Of Europe's 372 million unique visitors, France accounted for 42.4 million unique visitors during August 2011.This represents 11% of Europe
3)Users in France spent an average of 24.7 hours online in the past month, consuming 2,484 pages online. (comScore, October 2011)  

4)40.8 million people will use the internet in France by 2013, according to eMarketer. This would be up from 37 million in 2009.  

Projected Growth in Internet users in France 2008-2013:

  1. 2008: 35.2 million
  2. 2009: 37.0 million
  3. 2010: 38.2 million
  4. 2011: 39.1 million
  5. 2012: 40.0 million
  6. 2013: 40.8 million
Total  internet users in France  is expected to  increase  from 35 million, in 2008 to 41 million in 2013, which is an 87% increase in 5 years. This makes France one of the biggest online nations in Europe

April 14, 2011

Internet Explorer 10 Preview By Microsoft



Microsoft has released the first platform preview for Internet Explorer 10, less than a month after the launch its much-hyped Internet Explorer 9 browser.

The technology giant unveiled IE10 earlier today at its Mix11 developer conference in Las Vegas. The preview, which is now available for download, isn’t a reinvention of the browser (Microsoft’s goal with IE9), but rather a continuation of the work it did in hardware acceleration, HTML5 and CSS3.

Mashable reports that “IE10 builds on full hardware acceleration and continues our focus on site-ready Web-standards,” said Dean Hachamovitch, IE’s corporate vice president, in an announcement. “This combination enables developers to deliver the best performance for their customers on Windows while using the same, Web-standard markup across browsers.”

Microsoft released IE9 on March 14 after 40 million downloads during its beta. IE9 has been well received: At its peak, IE9 was downloaded 27 times per second. Still, Microsoft knew that it couldn’t rest on its laurels. Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser was downloaded 5,000 times per minute during its first day of availability, and Google Chrome is already at version 11.